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The Bluehend Concept

Prevention, Relaxation & Regeneration

Take a deep breath of fresh Alpine air & relax, with a wealth of experience gained from the Salzburg & Tirol Alps. ‘Blühend’ has brought over the latest Swiss products along with techniques developed in luxury Austrian spa hotels to the peaceful setting of Woodstock Oxfordshire.




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The Swiss company, specialising in natural cosmetics, consciously separates itself from the promises of the rest of the cosmetics industry.

Aiomyth has committed itself to a deeply rooted relationship with the essential treasures of nature culminating in the belief of slowing life down. Aiomyth is evolved from the Greek for “Lifetime” and “Mythology”.

Aiomyth cannot replace a walk in the forest. The products which are 100% natural, help open your senses to the beauty and purity of nature. Aiomyth seeks to contribute to your ability to let go, because true happiness can be found only in the moments of relaxation.


Akari means light – and light is oscillation. Everything is in motion – a constant stream of energy. In the
centre of it all is mankind.

Akari has devoted itself to the ideal of re-establishing and stabilising the waves within ourselves.

Mankind is the link between cosmos and earth and if we allow it, nature will constantly recharge us with cosmic and earthly energies.

This harmony, if disturbed, needs to be restored. Akari achieves this using your body’s very own wave frequencies. These are strengthened through colour therapy or with the help of natural herbs. There are three levels of body: the physical body treated through herbal remedies and extracts, the energy (soul) body treated by the use of mineral and florescent extracts, and finally the mental body treated through essential oils and mixtures.

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SmoveyVIBROSWING is a vibrating ring system, consisting of a spiral tube, four balls of steel and a handle
with damping elements.

By making a forward movement, followed by a movement in the opposite direction the four free steel
balls begin to move freely. They move in a pulsing way across the spiral-shaped grooves in the tube with a
frequency of 60 hertz. For the user this frequency causes a noticeable vibration in the palm of the hand
which corresponds with the human time pattern.



Bluehend,  Alpine Therapy
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